Whiteman Soho Client Advice

Salon Procedure as of 3rd July 2020

We are so happy that we can re-open. We just need to brief you on some small changes to our daily salon routine.

  • Please Arrive at your scheduled time of appointment with recently washed dry hair. (Within 24 hour)
  • Please wait in the courtyard. We have provided chairs and table for your comfort. You will be greeted by your stylist.
  • Hand Sanitiser dispenser is inside the Entrance.
  • Temperature checks are also made on entry.
  • A hanger and coat cover has been provided for you.
  • We have a one-way system in place around the colour bar to the basins. Then to the workstation and exit.
  • Masks are provided on entrance if you require.
  • Please refrain from kissing your gorgeous stylist ‘hello’. It’s tempting but we must all be very careful not to increase the likelihood of a second spike of the virus
  • Disposable or single use gowns are provided at your allocated workstation. You will have a Dettol wipe provided to clean your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Please place your bags in the cupboard on your workstation.
  • Your Stylist will be wearing a visor whilst working on your hair. Otherwise they will maintain a 2 m distance without the visor.
  • Sadly, no magazines can be provided.
  • Hot drinks have also been banned by the government. We can offer water for long appointments but with disposable cups I’m afraid. Your stylist can pick up a takeaway in the local area if there is time. Otherwise we suggest you bring something with you.
  • Due to the loss of revenue working at 50% capacity we must increase your service bill by approx 10%. This is the minimum amount possible to keep the fixed running cost going and ensure that we can re-open and trade in this beautiful location. We very much hope you understand.
  • We will use PPE where possible but also provide you with a 5 Star service.
  • Please only use the toilet if it is safe (2m) to do so to avoid passing other stylists and customers en route.
  • Please rebook and pay whilst at your workstation and update your salon profile to ensure that we can Track and Trace if we have a potential case of COVID arise. We will contact anyone that could be at risk but will endeavour to make sure this will not happen.
  • Please exit through the salon door where the workstations are. Just in case a client is entering through the other door.
  • Finally, WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!
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